About Hopegate Foundation

At HOPEGATE FOUNDATION, we seek to support the effort of the Government in bringing quality  education to the grassroots. Our activities will be targeted at Teachers in all public primary and secondary schools in Lagos State through capacity building programs and Performance Reward Schemes.
It is our considered opinion that these individuals – the teachers – are literally the shapers of the future! They daily mould the minds of our children; hence it is in our interest that they are properly trained and motivated. We believe that the people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the¬† most money, or the most awards. They’re the ones who take the time to care.


We want to connect those who care with those who need the attention the most; the children – particularly those from less privileged circumstances – through their teachers.

Our Trustees
HOPEGATE is an Education Support Foundation, currently operating from Lagos Nigeria. Our goal is to encourage and connect people from all works of life with the Education Sector through support for teachers
  • Oshiniwo Kolade A.

    Artist, Retired Lecturer, Former Deputy Rector, Yaba College of Technology

    Oshiniwo Kolade A.
  • Badejo Okusanya Y.

    Public Relations Practitioner, General Secretary, African Public Relations Association, C.E.O. CMC Connect.

    Badejo Okusanya Y
  • Akinyemi Ojuolape A.O.

    Public Relations Practitioner, Commercial Director Artscapes Ltd

    Akinyemi Ojuolape A.O
  • Igun Olunfunto O.

    Chartered Accountant, Executive Director of Corona Schools Trust Council

    Igun Olunfunto O
  • Akinyemi Olusina

    Quantity Surveyor, Managing Director Artscapes Ltd.

    Akinyemi Olusina